The mysterious Banga Pani stream flowing through lush green meadow is nestled deeply inside the forest having Cypress and Rhododendron trees. Right behind our YogMatra EcoStay the path diverges into three hiking routes, one of them leading to the mesmerizing Banga Pani Meadow. One of the old Himalayan Cypress Trees has a cave in its trunk, which has been naturally formed throughout time, providing shelter for two people. It is regularly being used by the local shepherds. When their flock is grassing the meadow, they take a nap in the tree, protected from the sun. 

The hiking starts with a narrow, stony path, with a moderate slope. The short climb will quickly make your heartbeat faster and warm up your entire body for the remaining hike. After just a few minutes the path leads into an open and lush green forest department plantation area, with plenty to discover. Nearby is a small meadow surrounded by big Himalayan Cypress Trees. With the first rays of the morning sun hitting the meadow, it is the perfect spot for an early yoga practice. Also, the Himalayan peaks are clearly visible, offering a stunning view for a short morning meditation and relaxation.

From the open meadow the trek leads further into the jungle, with its flora and fauna becoming more and more dense. The massive stones and old trees alongside the trek are covered in soft and dark green moss and leavy plants which create a magic fairy-tale atmosphere.

After approx. 15 minutes Banga Pani is reached. What makes this place unique is its quirky water stream around which many stories and tale involve. One tale states that the Snake of Vishnuji crossed through the grassfield. Just as a snake naturally moves, taking many turns and curves, its body movements carved the river basin into the ground and created the river stream.
Its crystal-clear water is drinkable, and the best refreshment one can get after this short but boosting hike.

Following the path further into the forest, ones´s balance might be challenged a few times: tiny creeks are crossing the way and one must hop from one big stone to another to make a dry crossing.

Soon the village of Bassa is reached, approx. 300 meters further up from YogMatra EcoStay. From there an even wider view of the Himalayan Peak is given and an incredible sunset can be witnessed, painting the sky in varies shades of orange and purple. After the sun has fully disappeared behind the peaks, the path leading straight down to the YogMatra EcoStay should be followed. From now on a approx. 30-minute window is left before the darkness kicks-in and the moonlight will be the only source of light.

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