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Sina is a US Alliance 500Hours registered yoga teacher. She has been a Student in Adi Yog Peeth, Shiva Tattva and Yogipi in Rishikesh, the World Capital of Yoga. Currently she is based in Germany. She has been Living and travelling in Australia and India. Since 2015 she has been constantly learning and practicing as a Meditation and Reiki Student. In 2018 she has finished her Teacher Training and since then she is sharing her Passion for Meditation in classes, Workshops and Retreats. In her Profession she works as a social worker. She believes in the true essence of every being. Her vision is the inner connection of human beings. If we are able to accept solitude and to listen to our inner voice, we can grow and expand our true nature. Sina understands the importance of accepting the past, Living the present Moment and creating the future. She will guide you to your roots so that you can grow and bloom in your true nature.

This Course will cover your personal journey of Meditation. Sina has been experiencing the Anapana and Vipassana Meditation. She is combining Breath work and Meditation.
The Principal of the Dalmanuta-Meditation is based on the connection to your emotions and everything that needs to be released and healed.
So, whatever her students need, Sina will share and teach.
To understand what you Need for your personal journey we are very happy to provide you a informational Chat beforehand. This Course will be your own, personal and unique path.

Online Zoom Class details,

Duration : 40 Mins

Time : Early Morning or Sunset

Contribution Per Class : 300 INR

Note : The Zoom link will be shared after the participant confirmation. 

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