YogMatra EcoStay is a 50-year-old Himalayan Mudhouse, which was built traditionally using stones & woods with mud coating inside. In 2023 the abandoned house was carefully restored and renovated by the YogMatra-Team, now welcome guests from all around the world. Located at an altitude of 2100 meters in Danikhet village of Urgam Valley, it provides an 360-degree panoramic view over the mighty Himalayas. From the balcony, the Brahma Kamal and Dronagiri Peaks are clearly visible. Staying here is a peaceful and authentic pahadi village experience. The house provides 3 private rooms, a 4-bed shared room and a community workspace. A kitchen room has been attached to the old mudhouse, where the team prepares fresh and local foods on a daily basis. Nestled in the middle of raw Himalayan nature, the EcoStay is the ideal place for those who enjoy yoga & meditation, hiking & trekking as well as exploring nature with its diverse wildlife.

Key points about the YogMatra EcoStay

  • It takes approx. 30 minutes (1.2 km) to hike up to the EcoStay. Therefore, please carry your things in a backpack.
  • A mesmerizing view over the entire Urgam Valley is awaiting you!
  • Good internet connectivity of Airtel and Jio networks is provided as well as a workspace.
  • Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation sessions are available at additional costs.
  • Treks and Overnight Camping in and around Urgam Valley are available at additional costs.
  • Meals are cooked freshly from local and organic vegetables.
  • Enjoy unlimited, clear, Himalayan spring water for drinking and taking refreshing showers.
  • We advise you to stay for at least 5 days, to fully relax and connect with nature and the positive vibes of this valley.

Contribution to stay at YogMatra Ecostay

  • Four Bed Shared Room: INR 1,500 Per Day (Single Person)
  • Double Bed Private Room: INR 2,500 Per day (Single Person)
  • Double Bed Private Room: INR 3,500 Per day (For 2 People)
The prices mentioned above include:
  1. Stay in a Himalayan mud house
  2. Breakfast and Dinner (Organic Meals)
  3. Morning Ayurvedic Tea
  4. Wi-Fi & unlimited Himalayan drinking water
  • 10% discount on Weekly stays
  • 20% discount on Monthly stays
  • Rates are subject to change during Long Weekends & Public Holidays

Find us on Google Maps: https://g.co/kgs/JYgEaD

Places to Explore in Urgam Valley

  • Kalpeshwar Mahadev Temple (one of the Panch Kedars temples, 3.5 km. Reachable by car as well.
  • Dhyan Badri Temple, one of the Panch and Sapt Badri temples is in Barghinda village.
  • Banga Pani Trek, 2 km passing through dense jungle. It is open throughout the year.
  • Kemkud Meadow, the queen of all meadows, 6km.
  • Feula Narayan Temple Trek, 4 km from Kalpeshwar Mahadev Temple. It is open throughout the year.
  • Trek to Bansi Narayan Temple, 10 km.
  • The famous trek to Rudranath (one of the Panch Kedar temples), 35 km.
  • Villagers trek to Nandi Kund, 32 km, to collect Brahma Kamal which is offered to Lord Shiva.

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